Reviews Harmonica

  • Boglárka
    Bought Harmonica and at all about it sorry! From the first days, decreasing appetite. Now enough x 2-the only meal for the day. Night no fatigue, no depression, as in a normal diet. I lost 7 kg, I hope to lose so much by the end of the course.
  • Ádám
    Drink Harmonica it has a pleasant taste. Lose weight using Harmonica it was easy to. I didn't change my food eating habits, is not it, what happened to drink more water, and no snacks, cakes and sandwiches. Managed to drop 10 units But after the break I want to continue in the course. Ordered still waited. I recommend it to everyone.
  • Viktória
    I always wanted to be thin, but in my childhood, my parents constantly feeding. They believed that the child must eat well. Eventually I ended up on the 10-th grade with a weight of 95 kilograms. I went to school and secretly bought drops Harmonica. I managed to lose 14 kilograms in a month.
  • Anna
    I'm always skeptical belonged to the tablets for weight loss. But Harmonica killed my skepticism in these preparations. After birth and feeding I gained up to 16 units is Not the time to play sports with the child, so I've already all agreed. And after these drops I saw the result!
  • Lili
    This is the first fat burner that forces are constantly in the gym. I followed the course Harmonica and max was running when I took the dog. But I lost weight, as constantly engaged in the sport. Minus 9 kg per month. Thanks to the developers means a miracle.
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